IBIS Capital is an active investor in entrepreneurial companies across media, technology and education sectors. We are able to bring our detailed sector knowledge and relationships to each of the companies in which we invest. IBIS Capital is able to make principal investments directly or through special purpose vehicles (SPVs) that it forms for each investment. In addition, IBIS Private Equity LLP is the investment adviser to IBIS Media VCT 1 plc, a London Stock Exchange listed Venture Capital Trust focused on the media sector. 


IBIS Media VCT 1 plc (“IBIS Media VCT”) is an established Venture Capital Trust whose shares are listed on the official list of the London Stock Exchange. Since IBIS Media VCT launched in 2006, we have built a diversified portfolio of private equity investments across a range of media sub-sectors. IBIS Private Equity Partners LLP is the Investment Adviser to IBIS Media VCT and works closely with each investee company to maximise value for IBIS Media VCT shareholders.

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Principal Investments

We make principal investments in high growth businesses within the media and technology sectors. We look for people with ambition, energy and vision who welcome our support. Please contact us if you would like to discuss an investment opportunity.

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